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 Froznice Application

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PostSubject: Froznice Application   Fri May 11, 2012 1:11 am

Name:: Jacob M

Age:: 15


A Bit About Yourself::Ive been an admin on many servers before and owner of 2 servers at one time each with 150+ frequent members. I gave up a while back on multiplayer, but I want to play it again ob the roleplay/pvp (this is the type of server I owned and it seemed like the players had alot of fun.) So yea, Im froznice and erm I think this is an application

First Language:: English

Country Of Residence::USA

Building Info
Medevil buildings and castle , really aything i needed to build

What experience have you had with world edit ?::I know next to every command, used it since the alpha =D

What could you bring to the server?:: Experience and a positive attitude

Any types of buildings that you specialize in ?:: Mid evil

Some Pictures Of Your Builds(Can embed or link to) Upload to IMGR and put the link in between the [img] tags:: <-- Old server blue team spawn made by me =]
dont have many pictures but ill try to find some.

Have You Watched The Hunger Games Movie ?::yes

Have You Read The Hunger Games Book(s)?::no

How Well Would You Say You Knew The Hunger Games ?::decent

Any Additional Info We Should Know ?:: Yes, my skype is iced1796 if you need to contact me, i would also like to suggest a few ideas to the server.
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PostSubject: Re: Froznice Application   Wed May 16, 2012 2:40 pm

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Froznice Application
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